Power Up NinjaTrader 8 With Visual Studio Integration

Everything you need to know about using NinjaTrader and Visual Studio together!

This online, self-paced course will enable you to maximize the power of NinjaTrader using Visual Studio integration. These two world class programs can work together to make your NinjaTrader coding more powerful, more effective and more enjoyable.

Covering topics like installation, program philosophy, folder structures, source control, additional assemblies, 3rd party code, debugging and more, we show all the ways Visual Studio supports your efforts to get the most out of NinjaTrader.

By the numbers:

  • 11 - Sections
  • 47 - Video lectures and demonstrations
  • 341 - Total minutes of video
  • 5.7 - Total hours of video
  • 7 - Average minutes per lecture
  • 16 - Longest lecture in minutes

Scroll to the bottom to see the full listing of sections and lectures.


Is This Course For Me?

I hate to say it, but this course is not for everyone. That's just the truth.

If you have no interest in writing your own code in NinjaTrader, then this course is overkill for you.

If you're happy paying others to create your strategies and other NinjaScripts, then keep doing what you're doin', it must be working!

But if you want to learn, for yourself, how to program and customize NinjaTrader while leveraging all the power of Visual Studio, Microsoft's world-class (free) development environment, then read on.


You Can Do Everything in this Course for Free!

That's right. You can use NinjaTrader and Visual Studio together without spending a dime.

Yeah, but those must be crippled versions of the programs, right?!

Well, you might be surprised.

Visual Studio Community is completely free and will do everything you could ever want to do related to NinjaTrader.

And the free version of NinjaTrader is almost fully functional. You can:

  • create stategies, indicators and other NinjaScripts
  • connect to data feeds and work with charts
  • perform backtests and analyze strategy performance
  • and lots more...

Plus, Kinetick provides free end-of-day data that can be downloaded, viewed and used in NinjaTrader.

But wait, there's more!
(Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

You have access to fully functional, unlimited, free private repositories for source control in both Azure DevOps and GitHub's new free private repositories. I'll show you how.

Nope. You're not going to discover after you enroll that you have to spend a bunch of money for software licenses to be able to follow along with all of the lessons.

Everything we demo in the course can be done entirely for free on your own computer!


What Others Have to Say

I'm proud of this course and I'm confident it can help you, just like it has for hundreds of other students.

But don't take my word for it:

Excellent explanation of details but not belabored. You've saved me days of research. Thanks for the superb presentation.
- Rod in Denver

Great pacing and attention to detail. Everything is explained very clearly, without any fluff, in a methodical and logical progression. Each module builds cleanly on the previous ones and the included course notes are perfect for reviewing key concepts quickly and easily. It was especially thoughtful to include a review of simple concepts like where to find things in Visual Studio, how to set up git, etc. It's even better that you can skip those sections if you don't need them :-P Great work on this course!
- Asif in Calgary

Provided a nice overview of hard-to-research topics that are needed when using VS and NT8 together.
- Rob in Florida

Gave me access to more tools in Visual Studio than I knew existed.
- Ray, Iowa

Some of the things I liked most about this course (a lot to like!) are: Your attention to detail in explaining things, for example actually showing the xml structure of config files to explain how the parts are working together. As someone who loves to understand things well, I really appreciate you showing us under the hood a bit to make it seem much simpler and easier to understand. I really appreciated the lecture on organizing code and the ramifications of each approach in depth, where the pitfalls might be etc. I have been developing for years and have almost never used source control and it's one of those things I've known I should do for a long time but seemed a bit daunting, so I really loved the sections on that and actually helped it seem much less daunting. It helped give me a great introduction into it and into Azure DevOps so I'm excited to go on Microsoft's site and learn more about it. I really appreciated the live demos showing things and your attention to detail in explaining.
- Paul, USA

Thorough and professionally done. Useful examples with attention paid to the nuances of using VS with NinjaTrader.
- Mark in Richmond, VA

Clear explanation of complicated topics
- Sergei in Abhazia

Complete coverage of the subject. Clear Structure. Clear explanation on the concepts. Good pace.
- Peter in NYC

I particularly like the clear structure in each chapter and especially the information, condensed to the essentials. Great work!
- Andreas in Mannheim, Germany

Well paced with clear explanations.
- John, UK

Well thought through and carefully designed curriculum. A sound systematic approach; specifically targeted at developing NT8 coding skills for technically oriented traders. Clearly delivered and articulated lessons. To me this course was a massive timesaver and worth every penny. I would definitely consider additional courses. The cost of this course is simply insignificant compared to the amount of time Steve saves. I have gone through this a number of times and because it is structured so well, it is always easy to find the relevant material I am looking for.
- Lex, Melbourne

Well structured, well presented, thorough, and to the point.
- Tim in England

The content was presented very clearly.
- Bob from Massachusetts

The educator is very methodical and knowledgeable. The content is very useful to me starting to work with Visual Studio and NinjaTrader.
- Stuart, UK

The examples were easy to follow for someone with little C# knowledge.
- Ronald S in Florida

Short modules were focused and on topic. Easy to follow and replay as needed.
- David in Philly

Thorough and to the point. No fluff.
- Joe in Virginia

The explanation is very clear. Starts from the basics.
- Pablo, México


Meet Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Steve Lautenschlager, Ph.D.
Steve Lautenschlager, Ph.D.

Dr. Steve Lautenschlager holds a Ph.D. in particle physics and has been a professional .NET developer for nearly two decades. His preferred trading platform is NinjaTrader due to the support for deep integrations with C# and Visual Studio.


Why I Created This Course

I created this course because it's what I wish I'd had when I started working with NinjaTrader.

I've been using Visual Studio for nearly 20 years. I wanted the power and familiarity of Visual Studio when coding in NinjaTrader.

Of course, I also wanted things like debugging, source control and the ability to use my existing code libraries in NinjaTrader. All things that Visual Studio makes possible.

Yes! Like chocolate and peanut butter, it's two great software programs that work great together: NinjaTrader and Visual Studio!

It took me hundreds of hours to learn, test and organize everything in this course.

I provide more than just a list of steps for how to do things.

I also confront the many different obstacles and decisions that can be stumbling blocks or which create undesirable consequences down the road. Things like

  • how do I organize my code?
  • which files and folders cannot be moved or renamed?
  • how should different types of users organize their code differently?
  • what do we really mean by the terms NinjaScript and AddOn?
  • what's the easiest way to create and use a custom indicator?
  • how do I create an AddOn project and use it in NinjaTrader?
  • how do I use my own C# classes in a NinjaScript object?
  • how can two different programs play nice and work on the same files at the same time?

What This Course is Not

While this course provides an important foundation for anyone wanting to program or customize NinjaTrader, it is not a C# or NinjaScript tutorial.

We do work with several simple C#/NinjaScript samples, but we do not go into detail on how to write code.

If you are serious about programming NinjaScript, you'll benefit from this course regardless of your proficiency with C# and NinjaScript.

  • If you are already pretty good at programming NinjaTrader, this course will take you to the next level.
  • If you have no experience with C# and NinjaScript, this course will give you a solid foundation to build on as you continue to learn more.

I don't assume any prior knowledge on your part. In fact, I spend more than one lecture just discussing what a NinjaScript is.

Please review the course curriculum below for more info about what I cover in the course.


How to Save $6,000 Dollars

I spent about five months, full-time, learning, validating and testing all of the information I've packed into this course.

That's at least 600 hours. That doesn't even count putting the course together.

But let's be conservative and say only 300 hours.

If my time was only worth $20/hour, then that amounts to six thousand dollars.

However, my consulting fees are a lot more than that, so in my case, I spent much more than $6000 to learn what I've put into this course.

What's your time worth?

If you spend just 15 to 30 minutes a day over a six week period, you can complete this course.

In less than 20 hours of time, you can learn what could otherwise take at least ten to fifteen times that!

Plus, you'll be an expert in the many ways you can use Visual Studio to program, customize and extend the NinjaTrader platform!

There's nothing quite like that feeling of mastery, knowing that you can quickly implement new tools, tests and strategies to verify your latest idea.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide within 14 days of enrolling in this course that it is not for you, then I'll give your money back.

Just contact me and request a refund. Simple as that.

If you're willing to tell me what I can do to improve the course or why it didn't work for you, I'd appreciate that, but it's not required.



Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Which version(s) of Visual Studio Is this course good for?
I use Visual Studio 2017 for the lecture demos, but you'll find that everything works the same way for Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022. As far as earlier versions go, well, since Visual Studio Community is free, why not upgrade to a newer version?
Can I Use a Mac Instead of a PC?
In general, this course and the programs involved (NinjaTrader, Visual Studio) are for PC running Windows. NinjaTrader cannot be installed directly on a Mac. If you are tech savvy, you can probably make it work using virtualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parallels, but that's up to you.


Course Curriculum

  2 - Install and Setup NinjaTrader
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Course Evaluation
Available in days
days after you enroll

Let me just remind you of the 14 day money back guarantee. There's no risk to you to try out this course.

Also, don't forget what your time is worth. For many of you, I'm sure your time is worth as much as $50/hour or even more. If this course saves you just a few hours, then it has already paid for itself. But it will likely save you a lot more than a few.

To be a successful trader, you need proficiency in at least one trading platform. Why not make that NinjaTrader where you can leverage the power of C# and Visual Studio.

Get started now!

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Risk Disclosure

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Testimonial Disclosure

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